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For the past few weeks we’ve been brainstorming for the holidays- including designing and sourcing products, planning holiday specials, and more! Overall though, our goal for this holiday season was to focus more on giving back- and we are so excited to share with you what we came up with! 

Let us introduce to you the “Blessing Box'' campaign! We’re thrilled to announce that 10% of our profits for the month of November (online sales and market sales) will be going towards “Blessing Boxes”. So what is a blessing box? A blessing box will be a box filled with $30-$50 worth of non-perishable food items, household goods, and other necessities. These blessing boxes will then be distributed to families in need in the Central Michigan area (We’ll be partnering with local nonprofits and churches to distribute the boxes). 

The story behind the idea: This campaign is extremely near to our hearts. Our Grandma ran a local nonprofit/ministry for years called Helping Hands. The mission behind Helping Hands was to source and distribute food and other household necessities to those in need in our local communities. One project that Helping Hands focused on each year was to fundraise to adopt families in our local communities for Christmas. As kids, this was our very favorite part of Christmas time and now one of our favorite memories with our Grandma. We watched her work tirelessly to advocate for and support those in need and we want nothing more than to try to carry on her legacy. 

How you can help: 

Option 1: As we mentioned above, 10% of all of our online and in-person sales for the month of November  will be going towards “Blessing Boxes”. Every time you place an order, you’re not only supporting a small business but you’re also helping us give back to those in need! 

Option 2: If you don’t wear jewelry and still  would like to help this cause, there’s an option towards the bottom of this page which is strictly for donations. You can select a donation amount between $5-20 or you can select the “Sponsor a Blessing Box” option for $50.

Option 3: If you are local to the Central Michigan area and would like to donate items instead, please reach out to me via email at and we would be happy to set up a time to meet with you!

Option 4: If you are a business owner and would like to partner with us on the Blessing Box Campaign, we would be over-the-moon excited to partner with you! We would love to discuss our ideas with you via email above or DM. (You don’t have to be local!)

We will make sure to post Blessing Box updates throughout the month! Blessing Boxes will be distributed the first week of December. 

If you can please help us spread the word by sharing this post- we would be forever grateful! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here and for helping us bring this idea to fruition. 

xo, Emily & Kati

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