About Us

As a child, my parents and teachers often referred to me as a daydreamer. I loved to create from a young age- drawing, painting, and sculpting anything you can imagine. I had a wild imagination and loved to dream. 

Fast forward fifteen years, and I found myself moving to a tiny island in Northern Michigan called Mackinac. On this beautifully dreamy island, I had the opportunity to work in a shop that showcased and sold local artists’ handmade pieces. By working closely with other creators, I couldn’t help but be inspired. And then one day, on a rainy October afternoon, Placed by Grace Designs was born...from a simple daydream. 


Why is it called Placed by Grace?

Growing up, I loved creating and chose to take as many art classes as possible in school, while also joining art clubs and organizations in my community. From drawing, to painting, to sculpting, I wanted to do it all. I eventually stumbled upon jewelry making when I was around thirteen years old and I began making beautiful earrings for my friends and family. 

After graduating high school, I chose to take a different career path which led me away from my creative roots. There were many bumps and turns along the way, over the next couple of years, and I was feeling lost. I spent some time searching for the missing piece in my life. 

Through much searching, and immersing myself into a new community, I followed this dream of mine and chose the name Placed by Grace. Through this time, I was able to find myself again, and return to not only my creative roots, but also my roots in Christ. I chose the name Placed by Grace because I believe everything happens for a reason. This name represents a time period of my life when, by God’s grace, I was directed back to the path meant for me.


 Meet the Artist!

Hi, my name is Emily and I am the designer, creator, and owner of Placed by Grace Designs. 

Inspired by the incredible women in my life who’ve encouraged me to stay true to myself and to return to my creative roots, I followed my dream and this business was born. 

Five Fun Facts About Me:

1. When I'm not creating or working, you can always find me outside! I love hiking, biking, and exploring God's beautiful creation. After living on an island for a few summers, my nature love is definitely water! 

2. My enneagram is 7w6! If you know about the enneagram, you understand that I am a free spirited person and definitely am known for my spontaneity. If you don't know about the enneagram, it's incredible and has helped me so much personally and by understanding my relationships with others.

3. I am a proud Michigander! I was born and raised in Central Michigan and also have spent time living in Northern Michigan. With four beautiful seasons and the Great Lakes, I fully believe that Michigan is one of the most beautiful states, and I'm so grateful to call it home. 

4. My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love picking out our Christmas tree, making cookies at my Grandma's, and attending the most magical Christmas tree lighting in all of Michigan. I also am one of the rare people who love snow! There's nothing more beautiful or serene than walking through the woods after a fresh snowfall.

5. My current favorites list includes Taylor Swift, all things yellow, the sweetest sweet tea I can find, going to farmers' markets, and getting fresh flowers.