What materials are used? Are they safe for sensitive ears? 

All earrings are made with polymer clay, gold plated jump rings, and brass charms. All posts are stainless steel and sensitive ear-friendly! 

Are these earrings heavy?

No, not at all! These earrings are incredibly lightweight (weighing 0.5 oz.) and comfortable to wear all day long!

 Why polymer clay?

I've been making jewelry on and off since I was thirteen years old. I've enjoyed working with many different materials over the years. When I was introduced to polymer clay, I fell in love with the uniqueness and never-ending list of design possibilities! In the future, however, I would like to branch out to include other materials in my designs!

Why is it called Placed by Grace?

The story of why I chose this name includes finding and staying true to myself and my purpose. For the full story, see my about page!